This is only the beginning…

I’m not going to lie…I’ve tried the blogging thing before. Maybe twice. Clearly those attempts didn’t really pan out.

But WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!!!! I’m a 20-something L.A. resident, just starting out in the professional world (read: long hours, sneaking in Facebook stalking, acting like an adult) who loves food, life, deep thoughts and coffee….I mean, being a positive, active member of society.

I have always loved writing, but that hobby of mine unfortunately fell to the wayside for a few years as I finished up with school and went through some personal ups/downs. Now that I’m slowly starting to get into the working world, I’m thinking it would be great to have something of my own to share with the rest of the blogging world – who are probably going to be going through the same things I am.

The focus will be on food (I think), and health, with randomness thrown in for shits and giggles (WARNING: I have a horrible, terrible potty mouth that I’m actually quite proud of. Please don’t be offended!). Anything any of you want to know, just ask!

P.S. I don’t have a camera at the moment (the one I do have has been dropped one too many times at one too many drunken, um, tipsy, occasions), but I’m working on it!

I hope you all enjoy!! I’m really quite excited about this new project and would love all of your input!

10 Random Things I Love About Fall

  1. Falling leaves! I miss the seasons, that’s one thing L.A. definitely lacks.
  2. Holiday flavors…pumpkin, butternut squash, cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, candy corn (hell yes)
  3. HALLOWEEN!! I’m a child at heart forever and always…any costume ideas??
  4. Pumpkin spice lattes (had my first one from Starbucks yesterday before work…it was actually just eh, but the smell can’t be beat)
  5. Autumn fashion….boots, scarves, sweaters. My excuse is that I’m always cold.
  6. The smell of smoke from a burning fire
  7. End of summer. Not my favorite season. I always tend to be more productive in the fall for whatever reason.
  8. The colors of the season…cerulean, plum, orange, gray (looks good on a sweater!)
  9. Chilly evenings and mornings (and cozy beds)
  10. HARRY POTTER! Don’t ask, I just associate fall with that crazy little wizard boy.

See you soon!

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